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Go on an adventure, book an activity or have fun with the animation team!

Break Out Grunopark is de organisatie die alle activiteiten organiseerd die op en rondom de camping plaatsvinden. Naast waterskiën, klimmen of escapen kunnen er ook verschillende groepsgames gespeeld worden. Meer informatie over de groepsactiviteiten vind je op de website van Break Out Grunopark. Voor meer informatie over de individuele- en campingactiviteiten zit je goed! Lees snel verder.

For the adventurer...

Playing outside!

Our site is ideal for the small and big adventurer. After all, what could be more fun than "just" playing outside?

Build a tree house with branches from the woods, create a raft with wood that you find on the beach, build a sand castle or go out together and discover nature at the campsite.

We already wish you a lot of fun on your personal adventure!

For the sportsman...

Tennis courts

There are 3 tennis courts on the campsite.

Want to play tennis? Then book your tennis court at the reception. No racket or tennis balls? No problem! You can borrow these at the reception.

Tennis lessons during your vacation? That is possible! Tennis teacher Mark Veldmate teaches on the courts of the campsite. He is ready to teach you a few things during the holidays.
For lessons during your holiday, please contact Mark. His phone number is: 06-30 09 84 10

For the real waterlover...

Water-skiing & wakeboarding

Fancy a sporty & adventurous water activity? Then water-skiing or wakeboarding is the way to go. Our skilled instructors will quickly give you an explanation, after which you can put on your skis or wakeboard and take the first attempt. Do you get straight to the first turn or was the start just a bit too difficult?
Find out during this spectacular water activity!

Good to know
- To be allowed to water ski you need to have 2 swimming certificates.
- From about 7/8 years old, most children are strong enough to be able to water-ski.
- There are a maximum of 30 people per hour.
- Prices always include use of life jacket (compulsory), helmet (compulsory) and skis.
- You can rent a wakeboard or wetsuit from us.
- We always recommend that you make a reservation.

We have special prices for camping guests. Normally, an hour of water-skiing costs €18,-. Do you stay at our campsite? Then you can book an hour of water skiing for €12,50.-.

There are also costs associated with renting:
Wetsuit: €5, - | Wakeboard: €7, -

Book your water-ski adventure here!
I love adventure...

Climbing park

The climbing park is a fun and challenging adventure for young and old! You climb different courses at 4 and 8 meters high. You will encounter various obstacles on all courses. Do you climb all routes? Then you overcome:

- 32 obstacles
- 7 ziplines

What is an obstacle?

All obstacles are different! Examples of obstacles are, a vertical net, a bridge with loose beams or a V-bridge with one low rope and two high ropes.

What is a zipline?

At the zipline you are attached to a solid rope with a pulley and you 'fly' from point 1 to point 2. Fun and exciting!

Good to know

  • You can always climb for 2 1/2 hours.
  • To climb you must be at least 1.20m tall.
  • Between 1.20m and 1.40m tall, an adult must always climb with you.
  • Above 1.40m tall free climbing is allowed.
  • We are open from 5 people outside our opening hours.
  • Want to be sure of a spot? Then book via the button below.

Climbing can also be done for a special campsite-tariff.
Normally you pay €16,50 per person. Do you stay at the campsite? Then you can come and climb for €12,50,-.

Book the climbing park!
I love puzzling...

Escape rooms

There are 3 escape rooms on the campsite. All escape rooms have a different theme and you can see this theme in both the appearance and the content of the rooms. The different themes are:

Escape from Mars
Together you fly to Mars in a real rocket. Once there, various assignments are waiting for you. Will you come back to earth on time?
Escape from Mars can be played with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 people.

Escape the Classroom
Furnished as a classroom from the 1970s and equipped with various school subjects. What do you remember about history, geography, chemistry and biology? Enough to escape in an hour? Come find out and play the Classroom!
This escape room can be played with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people. NOTE! It can be converted into a children's escape room and thus be played by a group consisting of only children. A mix of child / adult is also an option. Please indicate this in advance.

Escape the Bar
You enter a real brown pub at the beginning of this challenge. The only thing that is not possible in this pub, is to order drinks: You will have to escape! Can you solve these pub games and riddles?
The Bar can be played with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 people.

An escape room costs €100,- per room and lasts a maximum of one hour.

Book an escape room here!
I have children...

Our animation team

An animation team is present at the campsite during all school holidays. Both in the morning and in the afternoon there is a programme for the children at the campsite.

The animation team is intended for children from 5 to about 12 years old. Younger or older and also want to participate? No problem of course!

The animation programme differs every week. You can pick up a booklet containing the animation programme at the reception.
Activities are very diverse: From an outdoor treasure hunt to crafts and from an adventure in the climbing park to an adventurous team game. Everything will pass!

More about...

There is much more to do on the terrain!

Curious? Then take a look at the website of Break Out Grunopark!

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