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What do you want to see in the city of Groningen?

Our campsite is the gate between the city and the countryside. So you are in the city in no time, but also in the province in no time. But what should you really not miss of the city of Groningen when you are at our campsite? We are happy to tell you!

A piece of history…

The city of Groningen

The city of Groningen originated on the northernmost spur of the Hondsrug. It is an old city where people have lived since the 3rd century. The fact that it is an old city is reflected in the city’s architecture. Although nowadays you will of course also find a lot of modern buildings in the cityscape.

The Grote Markt, the fish market, the Der Aa-church, the Hoge der AA and of course the Martini Tower are parts of the city that you should definitely see. I would certainly not miss the courtyards, the Prinsen Garden, the Folkingestraat, the canals, the RUG, the many terraces and of course the Groninger museum.

We would like to highlight a number of sights.


The Groninger Museum

The Groninger Museum has been an eye-catcher in the city since 1994. The modern design is still the subject of debate. The collection of the Groninger museum in combination with the innovative and daring exhibitions make a visit an unforgettable experience!

Curious which exhibition is currently on display in the museum?

View the Groninger Museum website here!


This 96,8 meter high tower can be climbed!

And it will come as no surprise: From the top you have a great view over the city and the surrounding countryside. Definitely worth a visit in our opinion! And you don't have to leave it for the price: From the age of 12 you pay 4,50 per person. Under twelve? Then you pay 3,50. Tickets for climbing the tower can be bought at the VVV (tourist) office.

Note: It is quite a climb! Taking the lift up is not an option. Have difficulty walking? Then we advise against climbing the Martini Tower.

More information about climbing the tower

The Forum

The opening was in 2019. We can therefore say that this is a very new addition to the cityscape of Groningen! The Forum is a meeting place for anyone who wants to be surprised and inspired. A roof terrace with spectacular views, the SmartLab, 5 movie theatres, Storyworld and a rooftop Cinema. The Forum is definitely worth a visit!

More information about the Forum
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Not only the city, but also the surrounding area has a lot to offer!

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